We monitor our seas
and coasts

Innovative startup that produces modular autonomous marine drones for environmental monitoring and coastal protection.


The sea, like the air, is becoming more polluted every day. Being 50% of our planet's oxygen produced by marine biodiversity, it endangers the health of all living beings, including humans.


The loss of biodiversity is worrying not only for the remarkable value of nature, but also and above all because it interrupts the balance of the entire ecosystem. The extinction of plants and animals leads to irreversible loss. Ecodrone can serve to intensify controls and to safeguard the ecosystem.


To date, patrolling the coasts and seas is very difficult and expensive as it is offered only by traditional boats, which pollute and fail to monitor effectively and continuously over time. This also translates into difficulties in safeguarding bathers.


The services offered by Ecodrone provide real-time data and allow continuous missions offering numerous advantages over the services currently on the market carried out slowly and with a unwieldy procedure

Ecodrone has direct correlations with the world of research and has been recognized as a Spin-Off of the University of Florence. It also received an investment from the Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA) after participating in their acceleration path  at their headquarters in San Francisco.